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profilepic I am a computer expert with 16+ years of experience working for small and large businesses helping with their IT needs in various countries in the EU. I am skilled at GNU/Linux, system engineering and IT security. I am an open-source advocate, my favourite Linux OS is Debian, also love the FreeBSD OS. Volleyballer and Christian. My registered IRC nickname is @qmi on the OFTC network.

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Occasionally, I offer professional Linux and related IT services. I am listed as a Debian Consultant.
If you need help, contact me. Check out my services in Hungarian here.

My GPG key ID is 3FCEA0D3. My GPG key fingerprint is:

3C4B 1364 A379 7366 7FED 260A 2208 F2CE 3FCE A0D3

If you wish to sign my key/email me securely, download my public GPG key and import it into your keyring. My email address is emaillogo.
It is listed as the first UID of my GPG public key.

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